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Halo celestial You!

My name is Panthea, the creator of this space. Most people call me Pan, though, so, whichever makes you comfortable ^^.

Let me personally walk you through this KnotWork space real quick, alright?!

The KnotWork space was born due to my devotion to locate people’s energy vibrations and what they resonate with, and then find ways to help them consolidate it. Quite abstract, isn’t it? In other words, I want to be there for people in every way that I can. My current capacity is this space and everything it has to offer. I hope to expand my capacity, which is The KnotWork, to reach and assist even more souls.

Activity Section One

Here for

Spiritual Readings?!

We have a range of available messages both short and extended versions that you can find HERE.

For personal readings, our policy has changed, please Click Here For More

In this edition, we use celebrities’ energies as the base energy and you can claim the messages if you vibe with their energies. Click Here to read more.

Activity Section Two

Looking for some guided


Click Here to enter a journaling space. There will be a list of prompts that you can choose from, or if you’re looking for a random someone to vent, you’re welcome to do that also. I’ll be the only one that will read your content.

This space content mini games like completing inspiring quotes or matching beautiful pictures of life and so on. Click Here to Read More. I’m also working on The KnotWork’s eccentric interactive game, there will be updates soon.

This space is created especially for souls that want a random someone to listen to their stories. Again, I’m the only one that will listen to your recordings, so feel free to express your sorrow, anger, joy, literally anything. Record Here.

Activity Section Three

Interested in ways to

Contribute to the Community?!

I dedicate to make handmade encouraging cards and send out to people for FREE. Click Here to Submit a message and I’ll take care of the rest.

Click Here to consider making a purchase from our lovely collections of jewelry, spiritual-related, or other gift-eccentric items, for your loved ones, for yourself, or for supporting our project.

Other ways including becoming a member, trading StarDust balance, sharing content, or simply follow us on social media. We mostly post on Instargram (@panthea_theknotwork)

End of Activities Navigation Map

Little things matter,
for better or worse,
what goes around comes around.

Every actions you are doing in this site is valuable in one way or another.

You can earn points by being active in this community and are in total control of how you want to use it.

A Thank You Note:

Oke my celestial friend, I’ll wrap up this tour guide here. I hope when you engage with the activities, you can see that this life is bright and shine for you, and you are always loved and appreciated.

I also want thank you for coming here. Your visits mean a great deal to me. This online store is not only where I’m working on my dreams, but it also helps me have more flexible time to take care of my family; especially my sister, who has Intellectual, Developmental, and Seizure Disorder. No matter how old her age is, her mind will always be equal to a two-year-old child. My family and my goal plan are the two most important things of my whole life. So I really, really appreciate you stopping by and engaging in the activities!

This a currently a personal project. More content is constantly being created. Please enjoy! Thank you so much for everything! You are very much loved and appreciated! Have a great time!

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We wish you your bests.

Lots of Love, The KnotWork Force

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