Quest Regulations

STARDUST Balance is to spent on Online Shopping. Only Members can earn and use StarDust for purchases. Coupons are for Everyone. Earn StarDust through different activities such as Daily Login, Post comments, etc. You can also claim your rewards after every 4 hours 28 minutes and 7 seconds. The amount will be random between 1-7 points. You can also buy more StarDust here. Coupons can still be applied.

By playing Quests, you can earn either StartDust or Coupons.

Coupons are lucky rewards embedded only in some of the Quests. The more you play Quests, the better chance you’ll win Coupons.

The following chart will explain what you can expect to find in those Quests and our available promotions:

Note: When purchasing products, both StarDust and Coupons can be applied.

Thank you! Happy Questing!

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Instructions for using QR code:

  • Open your phone’s camera. Hold your device’s rear facing camera over the QR code so that it’s visible in your screen.
  • A link should pop up for you to click and take you to the website.

Note: If there are no links pop up, please consider using Google Lens to scan the code. The operation is exactly the same as the two steps above. You can also take a picture and use Google Image, too!