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Hi, my name is Dora. I am here to let you know how this works.

For starters, this is completely FREE. We only take in a number of requests in a period of time. You might come back to see if we have available spot OR buy StarDust to get a spot (members only).

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StarDust is the “currency” used within The KnotWork space. You will have a StarDust balance when you have an account with us. Scroll down near the end of this page to see the buying StarDust instructions.

Learn more about StarDust system here.

As for The KnotWork, The KnotWork Force, Panthea, Panthea Margarette Bui, Panaemon, Pan Bui, Pan, we, us, I, me, as is: Under subject to legal disclaimers, these readings are for entertainment purposes. The KnotWork doesn’t offer medical advice. The readings are made from genuine, heart-to-heart intentions. We only aim to accompany and support people when they need a friend, to care, love, support, and share understanding towards each other. Seek out professional assistance such as a certified therapist or psychiatrist if you need to. Only take what resonates, claim what feels right, and continue to add in more good energies. You are so much loved and appreciated!

Please wait a few seconds after having submitted the form to ensure your form in recorded into our system. You will be redirected to the main site as a confirmation that it is in our records. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to read for you!

All spots have been booked. Please wait until there are available spots or purchase a spot using StarDust points. Thank you!


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Buy an amount of StarDust to get a one-time spot (280 StarDust for ONE question):

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After you have purchased an amount of StarDust, we will send you an email with the StarDust transaction number to get your questions. Please make sure the transaction number is correct before sending us your questions.

We do NOT send messages through Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social means to offer a reading. Please don’t fall for scammers, report or ignore them.

If you don’t have an account with us and are unable to use StarDust, we also have this option of a monthly subscription for Tarot readings. Click the picture or Learn More to see the detailed description.

If you do have an account with us, you’ll receive 100 StarDust points for each renewal when you subscribe to this option.

Note: StarDust can be used to claim a free reading when there’s no spot available AND can also be used as discounts for physical products.

Personalized. Affordable. Informative.

(Only 28 spots available)

It typically takes us 28 – 140 hours to finish your request depending on how many activities we have on our plate. We will try our best to get the result to you as soon as possible. Please be patient and trust that the answers will come to you at the most appropriate, diving timing.
You are so much loved and appreciated!

The KnotWork Force