Spiritual Reading Request (Tarot, Oracle, and more)

Halo celestial You! How lovely to see you here!

If you haven’t been here before, The KnotWork offer FREE spiritual readings and guidance. You are absolutely not required to send us any money.

However, due to the large amount of inquiry, we can no longer offer service to each and every single person anymore.

We had a “meeting” with Spirits and reached an agreement.

The KnotWork will receive all questions from all people, but we will send reply to only those whom Spirits give us the answers to.

From your perspective, it might look like a luck draw. But we promise we would try to go through as much requests as possible. It is also our honorable code, to be able to help people as much as possible.

You’ll find a form down below to submit your questions. Fire away!

As for The KnotWork, The KnotWork Force, Panthea, Panthea Margarette Bui, Panaemon, Pan Bui, Pan, we, us, I, me, as is: Under subject to legal disclaimers, these readings are for entertainment purposes. The KnotWork doesn’t offer medical advice. The readings are made from genuine, heart-to-heart intentions. We only aim to accompany and support people when they need a friend, to care, love, support, and share understanding towards each other. Seek out professional assistance such as a certified therapist or psychiatrist if you need to. Only take what resonates, claim what feels right, and continue to add in more good energies. You are so much loved and appreciated!

Please wait a few seconds after having submitted the form to ensure your form in recorded into our system. You will be redirected to the main site as a confirmation that it is in our records. Thank you so much!


We do NOT send messages through Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social means to offer a reading. Please don’t fall for scammers, report or ignore them.

If we receive answers for your request, we will try our best to get the result to you as soon as possible. Please be patient and trust that the answers will come to you at the most appropriate, diving timing.
You are so much loved and appreciated!

The KnotWork Force