[Charm Collection] In the Making of ‘Inner Power’ Earrings and Stickers: Design, Product, and Collective Spiritual Reading

Halo my celestial friends,

Here is the journal of my “Inner Power” Design for the Charm Jewelry and Accessories Selection.

Inner Power Charm Earrings


I started the process with setting the intentions that this design will carry and exude the energy, and also the message of its own. Then I pull out some Tarot and Oracle cards to see which energy and message comes through to me. For this design, I used the <<78 Tarot Nautical Tarot of the Water>>, the <<Mystic Oracle Deck>>, and the <<Unknown Tarot>>. If you’re interested in these decks, I got them all on Etsy. I listed out all the details that I felt drawn to in the cards, also the intuitive hits that I got from connecting to the cards. The full interpretation of the collective message for this design is down below. 

Back to the design, using all the keywords, I rearranged them into a cohesive idea. “Harmony,” “Music notes,” and “One foot on ground” stood out to me the most. These details brought me to the image of a ballerina in the practice room and then transitioned into standing in the limelight at the center of a grand stage. She looked graceful while practicing and even more so in the public eyes. The “wings” keyword gave me a sense of her posture while the “crystal ball” made me think of a kind of musical jewelry box I used to have when I was a little girl. Also, I decided that the “blue (guiding light?!” one would be the main color, because I was being referred to the Throat Chakra, and the idea of expressionism.

I used Procreate to bring all the ideas to life. At first, I was wondering if I should do a separate set of wings expanding from her back, which would make her look like a little angel, or a faery. But I felt like doing so would draw the attention to the wings, or the idea of the high-above, something otherworldly, more than the ballerina herself. That is not the energy of this spread. The energy here is so resilient, so full of effort, and faith, and sacrifice; hours of hidden/silent sufferings that our ballerina went through alone in that practice room before fully stepping into the spotlight.

So I switched her into another posture, and it felt right. From then, it’s about fixing the small little details. This part was more of how things look right together honestly, here a little bigger, there a little smaller. If you asked me why her pinky fingers lifted a little bit or why her hair is black instead of other colors, I wouldn’t know the answers (hehe). Halfway through, I suddenly heard Spirits singing “Somewhere ~ over the rainbow~,” and my, “doesn’t it fit perfectly,” I thought to myself. So I made a mental note of that and finished up the details of our ballerina.

When I finally got to draw the stand beneath her foot, I looked up for the music sheet of the song “Somewhere over the rainbow” (Judy Garland version) and used those music notes as the details of the base. Like I mentioned before, the main color of our design is blue, so her dress is a baby blue and the music notes along with the light surrounding her are the darker shades of it. I made the blue light surrounding to look like a solid line because I wanted to keep the idea of her inner guiding light clear and strong.

The light stripe is in the shape of a swan not only because she is a ballerina but also because we had the keyword “grace,” as an embodiment of the swan spirit, and it covers her from top to bottom, and also fill the ‘crystal ball’ in a sense. Other than that, the swan’s wings are also positioned around her back, implying that her wings are there, she can take herself far and high however she wants to as long as she believes in her inner light and power.

There’s a slight difference between the original design (which can be seen on the sticker) to the design I paint for the earrings. The stand would become too little, and the music notes would not be visible. I felt like “Somewhere over the Rainbow” is an important message to be included in this design, so not-be-visible is a no-no. Instead of the swan spirit, I changed this detail and made it look like the ballerina is fully immersed in the music and danced to her heart’s desires. Both versions have their vibe, but the collective energy for this design stays cohesive.


Because this is a Charm Selection, all products will be accompanied by a Tarot and Oracle Reading. This is NOT a personal reading. The topics and messages channeled was selected by Spirits and assigned to each specific item. When you purchase the item(s), you’ll receive two copies of the reading, one for yourself, one is to share with anyone you think the message will be beneficial for (If you want a personal reading, check out our system policies HERE). These prepared readings cannot be purchased separately from the product.

The list of topics accompanied each item for this specific design is as followed:

Small size: One pair available | Reading topic: What do I need to learn deeper about myself at the moment? (Message is in the range of 333 – 555 words)

Medium size: Two pairs available (separate readings for each pair) | Reading topic: What can I learn from the past? (Message is in the range of 555 – 777 words)

Large size: Two pairs available (separate readings for each pair) | Reading topic: Channeled Letter from the High-above (contains three sections: Energy presented, Message from the Universe, and Possible Blessings in the upcoming time). (Message is in the range of 777 – 999 words)

For transparency, the pairs of earrings that I wear on pictures are mine. Those pairs were the test products, and now they have also become my keepsake. Looking at them make me feel sweet and proud. The pairs to sell are not used for display or picture purposes. They’re kept safe until someone purchases them, and I’ll give them an energy cleansing ritual before sending them out.

‘Inner Power’ Earrings

Spirits chose the following topics to accompany them (Message is in the range of 111 – 333 words):

A. How can I express myself creatively?

B. How can I strengthen my friendships?

C. How can I balance my work life with my personal life?

D. How can I trust others more?

E. Which of my values are the most important to me right now?

If you want to receive a reading of a specific topic from the list above, please state it in the Order Note while checking out. Again, this is a prepared reading, NOT a spread pull made when purchased. These prepared readings cannot be purchased separately from the product.

‘Inner Power’ Sticker

Links for purchase:

If you have questions, you can contact me through the contact form on this website or my social media accounts.



My dear celestial friends,

What is being depicted on this Emperor card is a masculine energy that has been through it all (as I interpret the cards, I refer to all the images of men or women as energies while pronouns stay the same, for we all have both feminine and masculine energies).

The Emperor is a matured masculine energy. He’s got drive, strength, experience, and discipline. This is a collective message, so all of you reading this could be at very different stages of your journey. But all of you are implementing these beautiful traits, these powerful characteristics. You strive to be better, to do finer, to become greater.

For the ones who are early on the journey or might not even have found the path yet, there’s the energy of anxiety coming through. Some of you could even be passing on opportunities because of your anxiety or simply that you’re not confident enough.

The message for this group would be: The reason why you’re easily overwhelmed by emotions and/or anxiety is because you’re highly intuitive and full of potential. You’re anxious or overwhelmed because you have no proof to tell yourself that those intuitive hits of yours are true.

Your inner world is so full of colors but you don’t know how to articulate them yet. So, a lot of times, it’s like instead of using the colors to paint a picture with your message, you mesh all the colors together and they just turn out as a mess. It’s not that you’re not good enough. It’s that you don’t know how to use your gifts just yet. Especially if you’re in that group of people who haven’t found the path yet, you’ll get overwhelmed more easily because you have even more options to try.

I can’t go deeper into which options to eliminate or what you should focus on more, because, again, this is a collective message so it could be vastly different for all of you. I’ll create a pick-a-card reading or you can send me a personal reading request (please read through the system policy HERE).

But, essentially, for this group, “you won’t know unless you try” is what Spirits are saying. No matter how anxious or overwhelmed you are, no matter how not-good-enough or not-confident-enough you feel, there is this majestic courage that lies deep inside of you that will get you through every experiment and tribulation.

So don’t be afraid to test different waters. Mesh those colors of yours, but this time, try doing them with different shapes and sizes, or maybe different types of canvas (environment), or maybe with a different group of people.

The possibility is endless, just like that fountain of your potential, endlessly running. Believe in yourself, for you are the Emperor of your life.

For the group of people who are further in the journey, more than halfway, you must have been through a lot. There’s this energy of weariness present in this spread. People around you could have had some unkind opinions, or it could be the total opposite, they haven’t been paying attention at all! But you’re at the point in your life where external approval isn’t important as much anymore. You’re only focusing on you and your journey, and you care more about the harmonious patterns that you can recognize.

You could have felt like the group above sounds familiar, because there was a time that you were so unsure and maybe lost even. But the energy that exudes from you now is full of commitment and determination. There is this message that some of you are currently in the releasing phase, releasing the past, the wounds, and the previous versions of yourself.

But for all of the people in this group, the overall flow is much more fitting to your pace. Let’s use the same example of the previous group, the inner world that is full of colors. Your colors now have their own space and are accompanied by a bunch of great brushes. Perhaps, you could even have your own studio, and every painting on the wall has bits and pieces of your colors and messages. So, what I’m seeing is you are now more organized, disciplined, and are able to grasp those intuitive hits better.

In the past, these intuitive hits, or desire to try something, felt like your world being hit and damaged by huge comets (that’s why I kept getting this anxious and overwhelmed feeling from the previous group). But now, it’s like you’re enjoying the meteorite shows, beautiful and magical.

This group knows how to stand strong on your feet and be unapologetically you. Spirits are coming through and saying that you’ve been grinding hard and your effort will not go unnoticed. They’re also saying that you should add some leisure time into your schedule, not only because you definitely deserve it, but also because the high vibrations of self-care is highly beneficial for you.

Imagine holding the sands, too tight and they will all fall down on the ground. Your grip has been wonderful until now. But you might not realize that you’re increasing the strength because you’ve been holding onto it for too long. Keep different aspects of your life balanced, it will work wonders for you.

Essentially, the message for everyone that is drawn to this collective message is that you are so much more magnificent and will go much further in life than you think. It definitely has been a challenging journey. Even for the ones who are starting out, moving past your insecurities itself is challenging. For others that have been through stuff, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But there’s a voice in your head that says “It will all be worth it.” Your intuition is very strong, learn to listen to it more clearly. The better you are in tune with your intuition, the brighter your inner light will be. For some of you, Spirits are switching the wording into “the better you know yourself, the better you’ll gain throughout life.”

Let’s pull a Crystal card and a Chakra Message that could resonate best and most helpful for your energy whenever you find this collective message. The decks used here are <<Sage Goddess’ Chakra Healing Oracle Deck” and the <<Crystals Oracle Deck>>

Alright guys! This is all the information I have for you. There are also many other positivity-related contents on our website. Take time to explore and enjoy!

Let the knots of good things bring us closer together and share the love. If you want to join or donate to the non-profit part of the project, please check out this link of our Companionship Campaign. Thank you so much for being here! Welcome back anytime. I wish you your bests.

Until next time~

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