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Halo celestial You!

Welcome to the extended version of your channeled message performed by The KnotWork Force. We’ll get to the energy first. If you don’t feel like this energy applies to you, you might want to try checking out other messages and save this message for another time. Here is the energy we see for this message: 

You are such a wonderful person! Your energy is full of colors, and the best thing is your adaptability and flexibility are extremely strong, too. We can see from your energy that you have been through a lot to become who you are today. You also continue to indulge in self-development proactively. This energy is also extended to a specific talent or project that you’re working on. 

It’s more likely that this message will be focused on the matter of self or career. It will somewhat touch the aspect of relationships. This part is only about your current energy, so we can’t be sure yet. But this is just something to keep in mind.

Your energy feels like an apprentice who now becomes a master, yet aren’t too sure how or where to make the next moves. You dealt with storms and chaos for so long that right now, when peace knocks on your door, everything feels unreal. 

But you do see it for yourself, most of the things are happening for you in the best ways possible. You are in the mood for socializing a bit more, being open to interactions a bit more, and desiring to help others more. 

You don’t see the next steps yet. You’re still adjusting to the new you, and your new era. You also don’t have any specific new plans. It could be that you want to continue reinforcing the current work that you have, or you just want to relax and enjoy this time as it is. 

Again, this could extend to the relationship aspect. For example, you might just end a significant relationship, find yourself after a terrible process, and now you finally get to breathe again, so you just want to enjoy it. 

Either way, you definitely are staying in your power, charismatically, unapologetically. At the same time, you truly believe that you can do anything extremely well, and you will. 

This is the energy or the overall description of your situation that we see here. Now, let’s get to the channeled message. This can be from your spirit guides, your ancestors, the angels currently surrounding you, or directly from the Universe.

My dear celestial friend, you need to believe that the storm has passed. It feels like you know you’re okay now, but at the same time, you don’t. You are aware that you have been so much more powerful than when you entered the storms. Yet, you are still not fully confident in your abilities.

You have been doing a wonderful job! You have crossed the threshold of your own limitations, probably not just once. So you need to feel proud of yourself, because the Universe is extremely  proud of you! 

A new cycle is starting, but it has to be started by you, when you fully embrace the new powerful, abundant, talented You. How? Relax. Tune in with amazing things, amazing sights. Some chilling shows or songs. Connect with people that you feel comfortable with; if you don’t feel ready to have deep conversations with anyone then simply don’t, you know?! You are in your power. You have the rights and the capability to build good, genuine boundaries. Trust in yourself and your decisions more. Remind yourself of the little achievements or positive affirmations. There is so much you can do, honestly, because you are so talented and powerful.

This is extremely important for you right now. If you keep being stuck or unaware of your lack mentality, you might unintentionally push your blessings away. You don’t have to be scared of the cold storm that almost suffocated you anymore. You are now the Sun, super hot, super bright, super present!

Now, you also need to know this. What we are saying is only a reminder, or spiritual guidance, so to speak. You don’t need to worry that if you don’t do those things then you’ll be punished or anything like that. Embracing yourself is a beautiful process that should never be rushed. Have you ever heard Avicii’s song “Wake Me Up?” There’s a line that goes like this: “So wake me up when it’s all over, when I’m wiser and I’m stronger.” That’s what our whole message is about, to wake you up and start the new cycle.

Spirits also want to confirm that you are really on the right path. Perhaps you have the tendency to doubt this at times. It’s totally okay. You are on the right path. The Universe is also encouraging you to share your experiences to other people if you’re comfortable doing that.

We asked the oracle decks for a few pieces of advice for this particular period. 

The crystal that might resonate and help boost your energy the most is Rhodochrosite from the Crystals Oracle Deck. Keywords include “Service,” “Contentment,” “Healing Emotional Wounds,” and “Renewal of Passion.”

The significant chakra that you need to pay attention to the most is the Throat Chakra with the message of “Divine Truth” from the Sage Goddess’ Chakra Healing Oracle Deck. The statement indicates that you really need to connect deeply with yourself. You hold in your heart so much divine truth that should be known by the world, of course, only when you are truly ready. When is that? When you are completely aligned with your true self. You are amazing! Just do You!

Alright, this is all the information that we have for you. We really hope this helps and that this reading makes you feel accompanied and listened to. 

It is our pleasure to perform this reading for you. There are also many other positivity-related contents on our website. Take time to explore and enjoy! Let the knots of good things bring us closer together and share the love.

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Welcome back anytime. We wish you your bests.

The KnotWork Force

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