Extended Message #745

Halo celestial You!

Welcome to the extended version of your channeled message performed by The KnotWork Force. We’ll get to the energy first. If you don’t feel like this energy applies to you, you might want to try checking out other messages and save this message for another time. Here is the energy we see for this message: 

You have been doing your best, or at least trying to, for quite a while. You try to keep an open mind, try to be more spontaneous, and try to believe that whatever you’re putting in, you will be getting interest in the end. 

You have also been learning how to balance your rational and emotional minds. It seems that you’re getting a good grip of this, which is wonderful. Congratulations! 

We feel that you are so ready for some kind of opportunities. It seems that you will act on them with full force if the light turns green for you. Well, they will be here, with the green light. Don’t worry. 

This new beginning might come across as somewhat a surprise. You won’t intuitively feel it beforehand. But these opportunities will come as bright as the sun so you won’t miss your chances. You do know, though, your world is due for an expansion, and that is exactly what’s coming your way.

This is the energy or the overall description of your situation that we see here. Now, let’s get to the channeled message. This can be from your spirit guides, your ancestors, the angels currently surrounding you, or directly from the Universe.

My dear celestial friend, you have done a wonderful job of keeping everything together, or even just yourself. Spirits really commend you on keeping the flame within you burning strong despite all the storms that came across your way. 

You understand to use this time to rest and to learn more about all you could. You embrace the silence and stillness. You try your best to release all your worries. At the same time, you also put your faith in the hands of the Universe through praying and making wishes, or just simply reminding yourself of that beautiful dream you want to achieve repeatedly. 

We can tell that it hasn’t been easy for you. It must have been feeling like a long and dark nightmare most of the time. Yet, you don’t give up. You might have wanted to at some points. But you didn’t. In fact, you’ve used this time well to cultivate more skills and resources. You are determined to ground your dreams. You won’t keep this so,where up in the sky or deep in your heart. You will make this a reality. You will.

Your new phase won’t start in an instance. But it will go up slowly, step by step. You might also want to walk alone a little bit. Especially in the relationship field, you seem to be in the mindset of “Either I walk with the right people, the ones who truly listen and understand me, or no one at all.” As long as you make this decision from a genuine, not bittersweet place, then this mindset will help you greatly. With that being said, if you do feel a bit bittersweet towards this decision, you need a reassessment before you embrace the new phase. Don’t worry. You are doing everything right.

When your old cycle is about to end for good, there might be some things or someone from the past pop up here and there a little. You might get stuck in conflicting energies between what you want and what you get. 

A good thing within these chaotic energies, though, is that you will have a chance to find and surround yourself with like-minded or like-passion-wise people. There seem to be some arguments, but in a good way. This is also the way that the Universe shakes your world up to get warmed up for the new cycle. It’s a weird way, kind of, yes, but it’s something the Universe thinks is effective for you in particular.

You now have the power to create the life that you desire. With all the inner strength you accumulated during the past few months, or even years, you are unstoppable. The new cycle will be all about long term movement. So go for it!

We asked the oracle decks for a few pieces of advice for this particular period. 

The crystal that might resonate and help boost your energy the most is Amber from the Crystals Oracle Deck. Keywords include “Harmony,” “Home Protection,” “Calm,” and “Attracts Love.”

The significant chakra that you need to pay attention to the most is the Heart Chakra with the message of “Tenderness” from the Sage Goddess’ Chakra Healing Oracle Deck. The statement of this card talks about how a gentle force can also be a powerful force. Essentially, Spirits are saying you might not have noticed this, but you have accumulated not only inner strength, but also an extremely impressive amount of grace. Let the balance between your heart and your mind guide you in the new cycle. You can do this!

Alright, this is all the information that we have for you. We really hope this helps and that this reading makes you feel accompanied and listened to. 

It is our pleasure to perform this reading for you. There are also many other positivity-related contents on our website. Take time to explore and enjoy! Let the knots of good things bring us closer together and share the love.

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Welcome back anytime. We wish you your bests.

The KnotWork Force

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