Extended Message #762

Halo celestial You!

Welcome to the extended version of your channeled message performed by The KnotWork Force. We’ll get to the energy first. If you don’t feel like this energy applies to you, you might want to try checking out other messages and save this message for another time. Here is the energy we see for this message: 

You are in an extremely high-vibrational fulfillment and contentment. You must have been enduring a lot, going through a lot of battles just to get to this new beginning. 

It seems like you know intuitively that a new beginning is not actually starting yet. You can just feel it literally right around the corner. But you do know a lot of good things will come along with this new beginning, or you’re hopeful for it. 

But the hope you’re holding on to feels different from the hopes you had before. You can tell that it’s different. There’s something real and achievable this time. That’s why you’re patiently waiting for the right time. You seem to be determined that this time, you will not let your new beginning pass you by. 

It’s not going to be too long. There are a few things that the Universe needs to wrap up about this old cycle. With that being said, the new beginning will be a complete fresh start. It seems like you would love to experience this new breeze wholeheartedly. 

Imagine being on a plane flying to a beautiful beach for whatever reasons. It could be a business trip, a vacation, or just a three-day stop of some kinds. Whatever that is for you, you are already on that plane, and you will get to enjoy your time on the beach soon. 

This is the energy or the overall description of your situation that we see here. Now, let’s get to the channeled message. This can be from your spirit guides, your ancestors, the angels currently surrounding you, or directly from the Universe.

My dear celestial friend, along with the crumbles of the old cycles that are being cleaned up, you seem to also have some worries lingering on the back of your mind. Something happened in the past intimidates you. Some days, you fully believe that you’re ready for the new chapter. Some days, it feels too good to be true, and you might even be thinking you don’t deserve all of the good things coming your way.

Spirits are saying it’s okay if you feel insecure at times. We can’t deny all the tough parts that happened, and especially when you are the person who directly dealt with them. We must acknowledge how much strength and wisdom you’ve used and accumulated during those times. 

You need to see, though, you are standing in your powers. It’s not that things are simply easier for you, or you are more well-equipped, or you will be given better tools, or be sent to less intense battles. Nothing like that. It’s You who are in your powers, and so you are in control of how you strike, and be in charge, and enjoy your resources. 

Those little voices in your head, they might get to you sometimes. But you will stand higher and bigger than them. So don’t be scared of the good things. Take things slowly if you need to, but allow this new beginning to start, and be open to receive.

Insecurity is an uneasy feeling. But Spirits want you to know that you are always looked after, strongly protected, and divinely guided. They want to thank you for having such strong faith for a really long time, being so patient while they orchestrated things behind the scenes. Your faith will bring you to wonder places. So don’t you worry.

Your new beginning will stay around a little while. It is because you are meant to build some strong foundations within this stage. The first phase of your new cycle feels like an investing stage of some kinds. If it’s a business, it’s investing resources. If it’s a relationship, this could talk about time. This could even be something entirely different from your point of view. But no matter what the case might be, there is definitely a strong message of putting in lots of passion and effort. Ah, also, don’t forget to add fun into the equation, alright?!

We asked the oracle decks for a few pieces of advice for this particular period. 

The crystal that might resonate and help boost your energy the most is Green Aventurine from the Crystals Oracle Deck. Keywords include “Good Luck,” “Prosperity,” “New Opportunities,” and “Heart Healing.”

The significant chakra that you need to pay attention to the most is the Crown Chakra with the message of “Violet Flame” from the Sage Goddess’ Chakra Healing Oracle Deck. This card confirms once again that you are strongly protected by the Universe. When you are in anxiety, confusion, insecurity, or any low-vibrational energies, imagine that you are surrounded by a warm, beautiful violet flame. Then say this affirmation again and again, slowly, or think, if you’re more comfortable with that, until you feel okay: “I am safe. I am protected.”

Alright, this is all the information that we have for you. We really hope this helps and that this reading makes you feel accompanied and listened to. 

It is our pleasure to perform this reading for you. There are also many other positivity-related contents on our website. Take time to explore and enjoy! Let the knots of good things bring us closer together and share the love.

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Welcome back anytime. We wish you your bests.

The KnotWork Force

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