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Halo celestial You!

Welcome to the extended version of your channeled message. We’ll get to the energy first. If you don’t feel like this energy applies to you, you might want to try checking out other messages and save this message for another time. Here is the energy we see for this message:

You are holding a really sweet and prosperous desire inside your heart. You have something that you want to express to the world. The meaning behind this dream holds really dear inside your heart. Such a beautiful energy that your dreams or visions are giving off! Whatever you are working on or thinking of starting soon, Spirits say it’s indeed a wonderful path that you’re looking at. 

However, with most of the Tarot cards in reverse, and the Hermit as your bottom of the deck energy, we think that you’re not having much of a progress, and you’re getting frustrated. You might think nothing truly matters anymore, or that you were not meant to start this whole thing to begin with. 

Yet, deep down, you don’t feel like giving up. There might be voices in your head saying this is not the end. Somehow, you just know that this tiredness or exhaustion is just an energy, not a dead-end reality. You could be in the state of trying to go deep into your soul and reinforce your value and potential. 

You might also be trying to find an external spark. There are some parts of you wandering off to the love aspect of your life. The more you feel stuck in your creative realm, the more often you will want to escape to the love realm. If you are already in a relationship, your relationship might be affected negatively sometimes due to this tendency.

This is the energy or the overall description of your situation that we see here. Now, let’s get to the channeled message. This can be from your spirit guides, your ancestors, the angels currently surrounding you, or directly from the Universe.

My dear celestial friend, this is a long, and most of the time, lonely journey that you’re experiencing. It is lonely not because you don’t work with or can’t share your ideas with other people. You often feel lonely because there are certain parts of your dream or vision that can only be done by you in terms of talent or skills, so on and so forth. You actually knew that this is a long journey. You’re just being a little discouraged from time to time.

Perhaps you need to hear this: It is absolutely okay if you want to pause, and rest, and rediscover that initiate passion again. It is absolutely okay if you keep things under the radar, and just work on the details in the shadows. In fact, keeping distance from others right now will create a safe and peaceful space for you to bring more things into reality. It is also absolutely okay if you feel the need to put yourself and your dream first when people can’t understand how important this journey is to you, especially when they seem to be dragging you down more and more over time.

Spirits are saying that you might be gripping too tight onto the ultimate outcome, too much to the point where you just want to skip the whole thing to get to the final destination. Yet, it’s always the journey that contains all the meaningful parts. You can’t have a steady, profound, fulfilling achievement if you don’t go through certain experiences. The journey is the process of grounding your thoughts and bringing all those great ideas out to the real world. When you skip the process, your achievements will all be just smoke and mirror.

The beautiful thing is that all the achievements you’re hoping for, the success, the prosperity, anything that you’re thinking of literally presented themselves in this reading. You will be able to gain all those awesome things in the near future. What you also might be disconnected at times is that the belief of you having total support from the Universe. Everything that is happening is happening for you, not to you. They’re making efforts to raise your spiritual vibrations and align you with your highest goods and manifestations.

So don’t you worry! Just keep experiencing the journey, keep putting in the work, keep making your dream a reality. Don’t be too fixated on the end results because the magic is still in preparation. Of course, the Universe has your back. But the most important thing to remember is that you have to have faith in yourself. You are a talented person, you are building this beautiful reality, and you are deserving of all the majestic things that fit your highest goods.

We asked the oracle decks for a few pieces of advice for this particular period. 

The crystal that might resonate and help boost your energy the most is Iolite from the Crystals Oracle Deck. Keywords include “Magical Powers,” “Feminine Divine,” “Work Connections,” and “Inspiration.”

The significant chakra that you need to pay attention to the most is the Root Chakra with the message of “Crystal Kingdom Allies” from the Sage Goddess’  Chakra Healing Oracle Deck. The statement indicates that you are strongly connected to Mother Gaia, or Mother Earth, which is why crystals are currently very beneficial for you. The crystals can assist you throughout your transformational progress. One significant crystal for this message is Bloodstone. This could also be a reminder that you might want to spend more time in nature. Be open to tune in with supportive, loving energies from the Universe, and especially, from Mother Gaia. You are being in the right direction. Keep going!

Alright, this is all the information that we have for you. We really hope this helps and that this reading makes you feel accompanied and listened to. 

It is our pleasure to perform this reading for you. There are also many other positivity-related contents on our website. Take time to explore and enjoy! Let the knots of good things bring us closer together and share the love.

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Welcome back anytime. We wish you your bests.

The KnotWork Force

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