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Halo celestial You!

Welcome to the extended version of your channeled message performed by The KnotWork Force. We’ll get to the energy first. If you don’t feel like this energy applies to you, you might want to try checking out other messages and save this message for another time. Here is the energy we see for this message: 

Your energy feels… active. We feel like you just got out from a very heavy cycle. It had been a long, dark, lonely night. But the new day has finally arrived. You’re eager to start, and to explore your options. This time, you feel much fresher and wiser. You know that there will still be challenges. But you are open to them. You welcome them because you know that means you are welcoming growth and expansion.

The past few months haven’t been easy. You might have been isolating yourself, a bit antisocial so to speak. But now, along with the positive change in energy, you find it much easier to connect to other people. Of course, if you are taking it slowly and still resisting social interaction a little, that is perfectly fine. But you could definitely feel that the social experiences are now lighter and more comfortable than before.

You are embracing changes with an open heart. You might also be feeling that every move you are making is strongly boosted by some unknown forces. Sometimes, you think it’s the Universe who is backing you up. Sometimes, it is your own inner strength that is giving you confidence. 

You could be feeling everything is too good to be true. The night has been too long that now the day just seems a little unfamiliar. You might also feel a bit intimidated at times. But deep down, you know that this is your chance to change everything, to build the life that you want. Intimidated, but you won’t hesitate to step up and get things done. You’re finding your fulfillment, so go for it!

This is the energy or the overall description of your situation that we see here. Now, let’s get to the channeled message. This can be from your spirit guides, your ancestors, the angels currently surrounding you, or directly from the Universe.

My dear celestial friend, your biggest concern seems to be about financial, or materialistic aspects in general. It truly hasn’t been easy for you at all. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. You have done very well, gone through all the hardships with grace and perseverance. You should be extremely proud of yourself. 

Approach this new beginning with that beautiful flame inside your heart and strong clarity. You might not have much to spend, but you have a lot of inner wisdom to use. It might be beneficial if you apply them to strengthen your connections. You are currently surrounded by supportive energy. You can make it your harmony and dance along with it. You’ll gain much from doing this.

You might encounter some small financing obstacles in the upcoming months. It won’t be anything too serious. These obstacles will be manageable. You will overcome them quickly. They will make you a bit tense at times. Try your best not to let them get to you. 

The reason why this is happening is because your old cycle hasn’t fully completed. Old, conflicting, stressful energies are being cleaned out behind the scenes. So just focus on yourself, and leave the rest to the Universe. You know there are better times ahead. Just keep going.

Your prosperous level is in tune with your emotional level. The more fulfilled and content you feel, the more abundance you will attract. No matter how, this will be a long and steady cycle, one that you can rely on and feel happy with. This cycle is guaranteed with resources. How to use them and how to get more is your call to make. There are hidden potentials buried inside of you. They will slowly come to the surface when the new cycle is fully integrated into your life. Wow, that sounds exciting, right?!

The old cycle has taught you to be patient. You have done all you could and waited faithfully for everything else to fall into their places. Now, you only have a hard time to fully believe in yourself. You have grown into a much bigger and more powerful person. Yet, you still have the habit of doubting your own abilities at times. Don’t try to fit into a pond when you know for sure that you belong to the ocean. This could be the exact reason why you haven’t had much luck in the financial department. Your treasure is waiting for you out there in the ocean. Believe in yourself and raise yourself up, alright?!

We asked the oracle decks for a few pieces of advice for this particular period. 

The crystal that might resonate and help boost your energy the most is Black Obsidian from the Crystals Oracle Deck. Keywords include “Strength,” “Support During Changes,” “Everyday Stress Relief,” and “Clears Negative Energy.”

The significant chakra that you need to pay attention to the most is the Crown Chakra with the message of “Sacred Serenity” from the Sage Goddess’ Chakra Healing Oracle Deck. With this card, you are suggested to just focus on doing You. No one can make you feel anxious or stressful if you don’t give them the power to. Immense yourself in the angelic energy of peace and the present. Meditation might be a good practice to integrate into your daily schedule. The color of blue and purple might also be helpful in lifting your energy up and connecting you with high-vibrational energies. But, in simple words, don’t you worry, continue doing your best, and just let things be.

Alright, this is all the information that we have for you. We really hope this helps and that this reading makes you feel accompanied and listened to. 

It is our pleasure to perform this reading for you. There are also many other positivity-related contents on our website. Take time to explore and enjoy! Let the knots of good things bring us closer together and share the love.

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Welcome back anytime. We wish you your bests.

The KnotWork Force

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