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Have you ever wondered why most of out items are limited in stock (only one per item)? That is because we only create unique handmade items based on authentic creative vibe or intuitively choose each retail item to provide. We believe that the right customer will be guided to the appropriate items in diving timing. This space is a snap gallery focusing on a few featured products, usually ranging from 15 to 42 items out of hundreds items in stock. Enjoy!

The KnotWork Force focuses on items that can act as a bridge between connections, in other words, gifts.

Compassionate note: The most important connection that each of us should never take for granted is the connection of Self. Please don’t ever forget to treat yourself right!

“It is my pleasure and an honor to be present and open to spiritual downloads. I, Panthea Margarette Bui, am dedicated to being an apprentice of the Universe. I promise to help people in any way I can, with all that I have, and at anytime that I can. Thank you for all the guidance, support, love, and protection.”

The KnotWork Creator’s Daily Pledge

The KnotWork believes in the energy of abundance. There are various offers scattered all across our platform. You can use code INSTANT5 for a 5% discount on all items (except for Subscriptions) or higher values of discount (up to 75% OFF) through activities.

We also offer a system of StarDust points. You can also use as discounts. Every activities you engage on our site will help you gain more StarDust points.

We are dedicated to giving back. 2% of your order will be donated to nonprofit organizations.
Although we are in service under for-profit form, our top priority will always be humanity services. We offer a wide range of nonprofit activities that you can resonate and consolidate with more positivity and self-nurturing. Enjoy!

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