Interstate Mission

This space allows you to submit your external activities to be reviewed and counted as Quest Progress. You can complete the following topics on any PUBLIC network (e.g.: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok,…) and use the form below to send to us. Every submission is equal to 2 StarDust. More StarDust might be added after the submission has been reviewed.

  • Share a favorite song and what you like most about it
  • Share a picture of nature that you took recently
  • Share one of your favorite words or phrases and tell us why
  • Share one hope of yours, either instantaneously or long-term desire
  • Share something that you know and you think people should, too
  • Share a thing you just learned within 28 hours
  • Share your cooking or making drink pictures or videos (recipes, too, if you want)
  • Share your experience on volunteering, donating blood, giving moments

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

We thank you for the good you are putting out to the world. You are much loved and appreciated!

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