Interstate Tarot Missions

This space allows you to submit your external activities to be reviewed and counted as Quest Progress. You can either do it privately and send it directly to us or post it on your social media account and share the link; both can be submitted by replying to our email (

You can complete the missions by any means, such as writing, making video clips, etc. If you post it on social media, please add a hashtag #theknotwork in your post.

Reminder: Each question equals one topic suggested. If you submitted three questions, please complete three activities. Choose the activities that are convenient to you or that you are drawn to the most. If you want alternative activities, please feel free to tell us through email.

  • Share a favorite song and what you like most about it
  • Share a picture of nature that you took recently
  • Share one of your favorite words or phrases and tell us why
  • Share one hope of yours, either instantaneously or long-term desire
  • Share something that you know and you think people should, too
  • Share a thing you just learned within 28 hours
  • Share your cooking or making drink pictures or videos (recipes, too, if you want)
  • Share your experience on volunteering, donating blood, giving moments
  • Share us any thoughts that rush through your mind in this instance
  • What makes you feel alive the most? Why?
  • What is it that you think people should care / pay more attention about? Why?

We will check them thoroughly before sending the answers as you agreed to our terms before. Again, we thank you for the good you are putting out to the world. You are much loved and appreciated!