When that dazzling light faded, I think I have been to a different land, or may be even a different world.

Suddenly, a strange…girl appears right in front of me.

“Oh! We have visitors!

Hi there! Welcome. My name is Dora. I’m one of the ancient souls in this world. We don’t usually have visitors. Since you’re here, I guess the gate has been opened.

Consider this world is for adventures and collect StarDust along the way, please enjoy.


Just one little thing: You time here is limited. When you see this sign, it means time’s up. You can come back another time through the gate since our world is now available.

Well, now go! I wish you your bests!”

Then the girl vanished into thin air.

After walking for 30 minutes in the forest, I finally got to a small town. There I saw a little boy who’s playing with his dog. When I approached him, he gave me a warm smile and asked:

“Thank you.”, he continued, “You’re not from here.”

“No, I’m not. Do you know where I should go?” I asked him.

“What I can tell you is this is a very spontaneous world. Everyone and everything you come across here will bring you something. Just like I had my questions for you.”

And then the little boy said goodbye to me and walked away with his dog.


As I was waving goodbye to the little boy, one lady walked past me with a lot of stuffs in her hands. And then, unluckily, she slipped and fell on the ground.

“Oh my God! Are you okay?” I immediately came over and helped her pick up her stuffs.

“Thank you! Thank you!” she constantly said.

“No problem. Do you need a hand?” I asked

“Really?! I would be very much appreciated! I’m actually bringing these stuffs to a camping site near here. Do you want to join us?”

“Sure! I’d love to! Let’s go!”

We sat down around the fire and enjoyed our time together.
Suddenly, the sign appeared.

My time is up.

“Oh hey! Your time is up.” the lady said

“It’s been fun being with you. Welcome back anytime soon, alright?!” One little girl came up to hug me.


Everything around me got blurred.

And then when I blinked my eyes, it all faded.

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