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This is the “Whale Hello” design within our Charm Jewelry Collection. The idea of Charm Jewelry is that when you don’t use them as jewelry, you can keep them somewhere close or visible as a lucky and/or protective charm. I keep my prayers in mind while making them, and each piece of jewelry is cleansed before sending out.

Sidenote: The Collective Reading of this Charm will be updated soon.

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💖💖Item Description

Category: Women Accessories
Item type: Necklace

Shape: Round
Height: ~1.5 inches
Width: ~1.5 inches
Color: Pink, Purple, Black, Silver, Blue, White
Material: Wood, Gel Art Colors, Metal

Length: 18 inches
Material: Silver Plated Stainless Steel
Chain Type: Link
Color: Silver

Measurements are slightly approximate
Pictures are taken under different light settings

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