Aesthetic ‘Howling’ Earrings, Charm Earrings, Handmade, Empowerment, Spirituality, Spirit Animal


This is Charm Earrings, bearing the energy and message of the Wolf Spirits. The design was created, and the collective spiritual reading was channeled by The KnotWork Force.

Sidenote: The Collective Reading for this Charm will be updated soon.

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Category: Women Accessories
Item type: Handmade Earrings
Type: Drop
Colors: Green, Silver, Gold, Black
Materials: Wood, Gel Art Colors, Metal

• Length ~ 2.3 inches, Width ~ 1.5 inches

Measurements are slightly approximate.
Pictures are taken under different light settings.

For transparency, the pairs of earrings that I wear on pictures are mine. Those pairs were the test products, and now they have also become my keepsake. Looking at them makes me feel sweet and proud. The pairs to sell are not used for display or picture purposes. They’re kept safe until someone purchases them, and I’ll give them an energy cleansing ritual before sending them out.

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Leaf Shape, Rhombus Shape

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