Galactic Here in Reality Handmade Bracelet

StarDust value:1,071.43

Black is the color of soil, grounding thoughts and visions into reality, and black is the color of the sturdiest foundation, the most protective barrier anyone can feel safe and secure.

This bracelet contains the following message from the Universe, channeled by The KnotWork Force:

My dear celestial friend, after a long period of isolation and contemplation, you are finally ready to embrace the new chapter of your life. It might not feel like it yet. Don’t worry. Every integration takes time, and you also need to adjust to the new reality. You have done a great job reflecting yourself. This new chapter will be filled with a loving vibe and positive opportunities. Don’t be afraid to move forward!

Pictures are taken under different light settings.

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The following chart will explain what you can expect to find in those Quests and our available promotions:

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