‘Inner Power’ Earrings, Charm Earrings, Handmade, Empowerment, Spirituality


Category: Women Accessories 

Item type: Handmade Earrings

Type: Drop

Colors: Blue, Purple, Black, Rainbow Sparkle

Materials: Wood, Gel Art Colors, Metal


Small size: Length ~ 1.3 inches, Width ~ 0.7 inches

Medium size: Length ~ 1.9 inches, Width ~ 1.1 inches

Large size: Length ~ 2.3 inches, Width ~ 1.5 inches


Measurements are slightly approximate.

Pictures are taken under different light settings.

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This is Charm Earrings, bearing the energy and message of Inner Power. The design was created and the collective spiritual reading was channeled by The KnotWork Force. If you’re interested in the Design Process and the Collective Message of this Inner Power Design, Click Here. Along with the public collective message, each pair of earrings will be accompanied by a private Tarot and Oracle Reading. This is NOT a personal reading. The topics and messages channeled was selected by Spirits and assigned to each specific item.


There are three sizes to choose from

Small size: One pair available, Reading topic: What do I need to learn deeper about myself at the moment? (Message is in the range of 333 – 555 words)

Medium size: Two pairs available (separate readings for each pair), Reading topic: What can I learn from the past? (Message is in the range of 555 – 777 words)

Large size: Two pairs available (separate readings for each pair), Reading topic: Channeled Letter from the High-above (contains three sections: Energy presented, Message from the Universe, and Possible Blessings in the upcoming time). (Message is in the range of 777 – 999 words)

For transparency, the pairs of earrings that I wear on pictures are mine. Those pairs were the test products, and now they have also become my keepsake. Looking at them make me feel sweet and proud. The pairs to sell are not used for display or picture purposes. They’re kept safe until someone purchases them, and I’ll give them an energy cleansing ritual before sending them out.

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