Monthly Tarot – Spiritual Sacred Contract

$4.44 / month

🎋 Welcome to our favorable MONTHLY recurring subscription for our Tarot Reading Service!

😲What Is This?

Due to the high volume of requests for our Free Tarot Reading Service, we decided to come up with a more thoughtful plan. This subscription offers you affordable, informative, and PERSONALIZED Tarot messages each month.

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🎋How Does This Work?

This subscription acts as a Spiritual Sacred contract between you and The KnotWork Force. You will have TWO spots available every month.

With the first spot, we will send you an email to get any questions that you want us to read.

With the second spot, we will intuitively pick a topic that the Universe wants to pay attention to most. We will list an example list of questions that we will choose from by the end of the description.

Everything will be sent through your email address. We can also send you a notification to your social media account whenever we finish reading if you wish to.

🎐What Are The Benefits?

1. You don’t need to check if there are any free spots available.
2. Your order will be prioritized over the free ones.
3. We channeled answers and messages for you and YOU ONLY after every successful payment, no pre-spread.

If you have an account with us, you’ll also receive 100 StarDust points for each and every renewal.
Sometimes, you might not have questions to ask for the first spot of each month. If that is the case, we will exchange that spot into 50 points of StarDust into your StarDust balance.

Note: StarDust can be used to claim a free reading when there’s no spot available AND can also be used as discounts for physical products.

🎋 What Are Your Impact?

*You’re helping us maintain our Companionship Campaign. Even though our business is for-profit, we offer a wide range of nonprofit services provided across our website under the idea of our Companionship project.
*We are dedicated to giving back to society. 2% of each transaction will be donated to other nonprofit organizations.
*This recurring spiritual sacred contract will increase and enhance the energetic vibrations of the Universe. Offering Tarot services to you is one of our spiritual rituals.

💖As for The KnotWork, The KnotWork Force, Panthea Margarette Bui, I, me, we, us, as is: Under subject to legal disclaimers, The KnotWork doesn’t offer medical advice. We only aim to accompany and support people when they need a friend. The KnotWork’s beloved users, please seek out professional assistance if you need to. You are very much loved!

***This subscription is Non-Refundable.


🗃Example list of questions for the second spot. We will intuitively choose one topic to read for you.

“What is my biggest block at the moment?”

“How can I love myself more?”

“What is the best course of action to achieve my goals?”

“What am I not seeing about my health?”

“Should I be aware of any relationships in my circle?”

and hundred more of questions…


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