With every actions you do in this guild, you’re bringing in (and out) the miracles of us all by being yourself and live your life at its best.

Theme idea: Inside out

This website is like a open square (like Piazza Navona in Rome) for everyone to join in. It has every kinds of normal life activities like shopping and entertainment (as much activities I can put in here or throw out real life events as possible).


With this point system, you can earn and save for yourself by being active in this community. It will be an advantage for you because you are in total control of how you earn, save and spend them. You can use it as real money INSIDE this community.

Let’s build something together.

The KnotWork

One for all, All for one

Alexandre Dumas

We’re all in this together, by ourselves

Lily Tomlin

So say we all.

Battlestar Galatica

Instructions for using QR code:

  • Open your phone’s camera. Hold your device’s rear facing camera over the QR code so that it’s visible in your screen.
  • A link should pop up for you to click and take you to the website.

Note: If there are no links pop up, please consider using Google Lens to scan the code. The operation is exactly the same as the two steps above. You can also take a picture and use Google Image, too!