Tarot *Celebrity Edition

Welcome to The KnotWork! On this page, you will find all the information relating to our Companionship Campaign *Celebrity Edition including our aspirations, important notice, names list, and so on.


The readings are on YouTube: Click here to redirect to YouTube

We do NOT reach out to people and do NOT offer readings for money. WE DO FREE READINGS ONLY with the exception of TWO active listings for Campaign Fund-Raising. One is on our official website as a subscription, the other one is on Etsy (Direct links embedded). If you encounter someone using our brand and asking you to pay for a private reading, IT IS A SCAM. You can either report them or ignore them. All direct links for social media accounts or else are included in each video’s description box; use them if you need to reach out to us. Please be careful! Thank you!


All names are listed by the first letter of their Last Name or their stage/most well-known name. If a celebrity is a member of a group/band, we will list each member separated and the group name will also have a spot on its own. With that being said, we might do a tarot reading for a celebrity group as a whole with the same structure as individual readings.

If you can’t find your favorite celebrities, comment down below and we’ll add them to the list. We draw names randomly for the next reading; often one celebrity biweekly.

We do NOT do tarot readings for celebrities under 17 years old.

A personal note from The KnotWork’s Creator about this edition:

Celebrities are people who can create instant influence towards the energies of the public. Therefore, it is essential that their energies are well-taken care of. The entertainment industry can be pretty tough sometimes. Critics, high standards, and quick-reaction requirements can also contribute to the stress or suffering level that sometimes, the celebrity might not be able to regulate very well. 

It stroke me intensely when Kim Jong Hyun (SHINee), Avicii, Christina Grimmie, Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Sulli (f(x)), Qiao Ren Liang, and many, many more celebrities passed away abruptly.

What happened to Jessi J, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, the list goes on, also firmly has my attention and weighs a considerable part in my heart.

Celebrities are all humans, just like anybody else, have problems and struggles just like any of us, they also strive to shine their lights, to become better versions of themselves, to bring more good into the world, to make this world a better place, and to live each day as fullest as possible. So, just like anyone else, they need care, love, support, and understanding.

I don’t have much to offer. I’m not even in the industry or have any significant connection with the entertainment industry. But I hope my readings can bring the celebrities divine insights at the appropriate divine timing. I don’t need anything in return. If there is anything that I want from them, I hope they will just always strive to be the best versions of themselves, and please help me help more people. Just as simple as that.

I hope that the readings will be listened to by the celebrities themselves. However, it is completely okay if they don’t. I’m still doing this to put out these insights as a way of planting good energies seeds for them into the Universe.


This celebrity edition aims to and only to resonate and consolidate good energies. Please do NOT expect gossips, judgment, critics, dramas, private information (which might or might not be true) about the celebrities, or their work, or their personal lifestyle and connections.

These readings are made public so that fans can comment and strengthen the good energies that their idols or favorite celebrities are receiving. You are totally welcome to leave wishes for your celebrities down in the comment section below.


Legal Disclaimers

As for The KnotWork, we, us, as is: Under subject to legal disclaimers, these readings are for entertainment purposes. The KnotWork doesn’t offer medical advice. We do not represent any organization, jurisdiction, company, group, or people but ourselves. We do NOT do tarot readings for celebrities under 17 years old. The readings are made from genuine, heart-to-heart intentions. We only aim to accompany and support people when they need a friend, to care, love, support, and share understanding towards each other. The KnotWork cannot and will not tolerate or take responsibility for disrespectful accusations, reckless decisions that are related to the readings, both from the celebrities and their fans. Seek out professional assistance such as a certified therapist or psychiatrist if you need to. Only take what resonates, claim what feels right, and continue to add in more good energies. You are so much loved and appreciated!

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